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      A thank you note!

      A thank you note!


      "I have purchased several pieces and each one is amazing, well crafted, and a true work of art. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistic passion!"
      Andy from Chicago (Real reviews from my Etsy store.)

      For the new year, I'm sorting through all of my client's order reviews. Looking back on 2020, I feel a lot, thank you very much for your support and love. I love you guys!
      I think my first big thank you is @drewtru7! My English is terrible! Most rely on Google Translate! But he has been encouraging me and helping me! He wasn't my first client, but he was my first friend from America! I can't imagine that he has collected more than a dozen of my works so far! Even his review photo was stolen by AliExpress and fake websites to deceive and sell fakes (should many people have seen this photo elsewhere)! Thanks again @drewtru7 for your continued support, my friend!
      Well, I should also thank Google Translate.

      Please note:  Scam Alert!!

      Please note: Scam Alert!!

      I believe some people have seen my work before. It keeps appearing on AliExpress, FB, IG, eBay, Amazon and grocery store websites.

      Don't believe them lightly. They stole my photos and sold fakes! Many victims have contacted me! What you need to know is that their prices are only enough to cover the shipping costs. This is a handmade work, if the other party does not have social media, it must be a scam!

      Below are my store and social media accounts.

      Etsy store: ResinArtYPCShop
      Instagram: ResinArt.YPC
      Facebook: ResinArt.YPC

      TikTok: ResinArtYPC