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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 45 reviews

      I received the item much quicker than expected. It matched the description and photos in the sellers post.


      It was a gift for my sister and she was very happy with the overall look and quality of the product. The light is perfect to show off the inside design and cast a nice light/shadow onto the designs.


      The Cthulhu with the whale shark piece just arrived today, and it looks absolutely perfect. Not a single thing wrong with it, and it looks great on my computer desk. I will definitely be buying from this seller again. The shipping time was rather long, about a month and a few days in total, but that isn't going to change my five star rating.


      This was gift, he said he dug it.


      I had been following this shop for a while and the Cthulhu light was the thing that finally got me! The crafting on this is gorgeous and the one I got if flawless.

      As another noted, it's not as bright as it appears in pictures. It's actually quite dim by comparison to photos, so be aware of that. Even illuminated it doesn't stand out all that well in the alcove I have it in during the day and with most of my office lights on. Just a little disappointing but overall it's great. But it's a great accent when I dim them in the evening or turn them blue/green for when I'm doing my Call of Cthulhu games on Roll20.

      I love that the light can be replaced if something happens to it or the cord. Very forward thinking of the creator so that it's not just a pretty brick if the light dies.